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Why Us?

Our passion for helping our clients pursue their financial goals and live their best life is palpable. We take what we do, not just seriously, but very personally.  We invest for our family the same way we invest for you and yours, and we wouldn’t do anything for you that we wouldn’t do for ourselves.

We operate with these core beliefs in mind:

  1. Personal Finance is more personal than finance. It is about you, your goals, and dreams in your life.
  2. The only sustainable basis for a client-advisor relationship is mutual trust and respect.
  3. The only sure way we can always be trustworthy is by being honest at all times.
  4. We are in the advice business, not the convincing business. If there's something you don't understand we'll discuss it until you do, but we won't ever argue or try to convince you about anything.
  5. No one will ever care more about you or your financial situation other than us, unless they have your last name. Our practice is built on the foundation of caring for others.
  6. We always act in your best interest first and foremost, or we will not act at all.
  7. If you ask us a question and we don't have the answer, we will try to find it for you.
  8. We do not have a market outlook, but we are aware, and we have opinions. No matter what the markets do, our focus is on ensuring your plan continues to work for you.
  9. What the market is going to do in the short-run is unknowable and in the long run it is inevitable. In the long run, the advance is permanent, and the declines have been temporary*.
  10. Financial plans are created to vanquish your fears and leave room for you to pursue your goals and dreams. Without a plan there is no portfolio. People who are working a financial plan tend to achieve their goals. People who are merely working a portfolio don’t.

We want you to get to know us and how we approach financial planning - clients can become friends, and friends can become clients.  

That is why we are here, what we are passionate about, and all we do! If your financial life doesn’t feel right, come in and have a cup of coffee.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.