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What We Do

We offer a four-week financial literacy course at community centers and colleges in the area. Many of our clients come to us after they complete this course.  Even if you haven’t participated in our class, we welcome you to work with us and take part in the Grover Financial Planning process.

Our Process

Step 1 - Assessing your goals

We begin by getting to know you and your unique financial scenario.  We assess your budget, understand your goals,  and review your insurance, estate, legacy, and longevity health.

We are diligent about educating our clients on the dangers of being hyper-conservative. Going to any lengths to avoid volatility in your portfolio may expose you to other serious risks. The only real goal of a long-term investor should be maintaining purchasing power. We plan for longevity and all the risks therein.

Step 2 – Designing a date and dollar specific financial plan

We believe in complete transparency and that is why we build your customized financial plan with you by our side, together, in the same room. Each plan is based on your specific situation and your unique goals. Financial plans range from the simple and straight forward to complex wealth strategies.

We think the only way to ensure that we do the right thing for our clients is to use a fee-based only business model. This means, that we get paid a fee for our work based on the health of your plan.  And when your plan is healthy and strong, we all succeed, together.

Step 3 – Putting your plan to work

In the next step, Jason works diligently to create truly balanced portfolios based on thoughtful and rigorous asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing. As an investment fiduciary he will continue to monitor the portfolio so that it meets your planned goals.

Step 4 – Caring for your plan

We tend to your plan in the same way you would care for a garden through continuous reassessment. We act on the plan, not react to the markets. We believe everything is built on trust and we do not take that trust lightly; because of that we get to work on your behalf immediately and stay at work diligently.