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Volatility: The Silver Lining Playbook - Part 5

Volatility: The Silver Lining Playbook - Part 5

| March 31, 2021

Volatility: The Silver Lining Playbook – Part 5


As promised, this week, I’m giving you the full playbook as a tool to still jangled nerves and perhaps even welcome volatility.


Volatility: The Silver Lining Playbook

  • Volatility is a wake-up call.
  • Volatility provides feedback for companies.
  • Volatility evens the playing field.
  • Volatility creates churn.
  • Volatility is a signal to policymakers.
  • Volatility keeps excess in check.
  • Volatility stress-tests financial technology.
  • Volatility is a reality check for venture capitalists.
  • Volatility encourages active investment.
  • Volatility facilitates functional capitalism.

I want you to keep these ideas in mind as we continue to recover from the financial uncertainty the pandemic brought. 

Thank you for joining me this month, until next time...

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