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The Financial Awareness Day Challenge - Part 1

The Financial Awareness Day Challenge - Part 1

| August 03, 2022

Ever feel like there is a day to celebrate nearly every possible thing you could dream up? I did, and so out of shameless curiosity, I Googled “August 2022 Holidays and Celebrations”, and guess what I found? In addition to the amazingly important celebrations like “International Child-Free Day,” “National Bratwurst Day,” and “National Vinyl Record Day,” August boasts “National Financial Awareness Day” on Sunday, August 14th.

So naturally, this got me thinking - first about the fact that financial awareness should be daily in my book. And secondly, about how I could use this month’s Edu-blog to roust you out of your beach chairs as you soak up those last bits of summer sun before reality hits, and this is what I came up with. 

But first, let me explain what the creators of “National Financial Awareness Day” based the observance on and the goals they hoped to achieve. 

National Financial Awareness Day is a holiday dedicated to developing the financial principles and practices that can help you build a solid financial future from now through retirement and beyond. It celebrates implementing sound investment practices, so you can put your money to work for you, spend less time working, and have more time to enjoy living your life. 

National Financial Awareness Day is also aimed at teaching us that finances can be straightforward and manageable. A lot of people find financial literacy overwhelming or out of reach. But no matter where you are financially, you can learn sound principles that will help you plan for the future, like making small changes in your daily habits or saving your pocket change. Simple, see?

This holiday serves as both a reminder and a celebration. A reminder to seek more financial knowledge by taking small actions like joining an investment or money club, reading personal finance books and blogs, or speaking to a financial advisor. (I know, shameless plug.) It’s an occasion to celebrate by making wise financial moves, like starting a savings account, consolidating high-interest debt, or making wise investment decisions.

And with that, here is what I came up with. Over the next few weeks, I will share some ideas to help you increase your financial knowledge and actions you can take to celebrate National Financial Awareness Day throughout the month and beyond. BUT, I challenge you to share your favorite books, sources, and ideas for taking charge of your finances with me this month. On August 31st, I will share a collection of your ideas and resources, along with some of mine, in a post I’ll call The National Financial Awareness Day Toolkit. So, get thinking and reply to this email with your ideas!

Until next time…

One last thought, I believe an educated investor is an empowered investor. If you like what you’ve read and think your friends and family can benefit as well, please share.


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