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Give the Gift of Care - A Charitable Challenge - Part 5

Give the Gift of Care - A Charitable Challenge - Part 5

| December 29, 2021

Welcome back! This week we will be drawing our attention to an organization dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic violence and abuse. The Willow Center offers a range of emergency and non-emergency supportive services for victims, including:  

  • 24/7 Hotline 
  • Emergency Shelter 
  • Safety Planning
  • Court Accompaniment – to obtain a court order of protection.
  • Short-Term Counseling and Support 
  • Support Groups 

The best part? All of Willow’s services are not only confidential - but free. That is why our support, and any donations, mean the world. Oftentimes, victims of domestic violence fear seeking assistance because of how their efforts might be exposed to the abuser. By supporting victims as silently as possible, The Willow Center has opened a new avenue of safety to those in need. With the end of Christmas and the start of a New Year, no one should be feeling alone. The Willow Center offers victims a place to feel heard, believed, respected, and cared for - in a time when everyone deserves it. As we approach the end of 2021 and think of the people we are grateful to bring into 2022, I hope you keep the men and women at Willow Center in mind. 

You can donate by clicking the link below.

Donate to Willow Center

This week has ended our December donation blogs, and I hope each of you has found at least one organization you connect with. As for me, I have formed a unique connection with all of them, which was why it was important to me to dedicate December to them.

As we discussed in our first blog post, I will be continuing to track your donations and match them. I want to thank all of you who have participated. I know this month is a hectic one, as we go back and forth between buying presents and visiting family. I want you all to know that your support has been one of my greatest gifts, and I hope each of you has had a wonderful holiday season. I will see you next month with a recap of what we have raised so that you can start your New Year knowing you have made a difference…

Until next time!