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Give the Gift of Care - A Charitable Challenge - Part 4

Give the Gift of Care - A Charitable Challenge - Part 4

| December 22, 2021

Welcome back! I know I mentioned that each of the charities in this month's blog series has some significance to me and my family, but not all of them are ones that I have experienced firsthand. Troubled youth organizations, such as The Hillside Children's Center, however, have changed lives. When my father was young, he struggled with the balance between good and bad days. We all do, but the latter seemed to come more often than not. Don’t get me wrong, the man he is today is truly something to be proud of - and attending a troubled youth center had a lot to do with it. While my father did not attend The Hillside Children's Center himself, his time spent at a troubled youth organization is where he received the gift of discipline, direction, and a desire to grow.  

Hillside offers a comprehensive array of behavioral health services for youth and adults, designed to address symptoms related to complex medical, mental health, substance abuse, or social needs. All services are provided by professionals including social workers, mental health counselors, care managers, marriage and family therapists, and creative arts therapists. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists provide care as needed. Their mission is to strengthen the life and future of struggling youth by putting them on track toward progress, perspective, and empowerment. By introducing them to new tools, like music, they gain a sense of self that they would have otherwise missed out on. 

And not only are they given the gift of connecting with themselves - they are given the gift of connecting with each other. The Hillside Children's Center offers struggling youth the chance to form a community with other children they can relate to and learn from. Together, they inspire each other to set out on a path towards progress, success, and self-worth.

You can donate to Hillside, and support children as they support each other, by clicking the link below. Please make sure to click the box labeled “I would like to give on behalf of an organization” enter my name in the field so we can track the good we are doing.

Donate to the Hillside Children's Center