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Give the Gift of Care - A Charitable Challenge - Part 3

Give the Gift of Care - A Charitable Challenge - Part 3

| December 15, 2021

It’s a new week, which means it's time to deep dive into a new organization. When I was deliberating on which organizations I wanted to work with this month, the Veterans Outreach Center immediately came to mind. I am a Veteran myself, so when I began researching their website, their purpose, and their process, things hit a little close to home. For those of you who have family or friends in the military, or are a Veteran yourselves, this organization might find its way into your mind as well - and I hope it stays there.

Their mission statement says it all: “You served the U.S. Let Us Serve You.” And let me tell you, they weren't kidding. The Veterans Outreach Center offers veterans free programs and support for…well, almost everything. They offer employment assistance, reintegrating veterans into employment opportunities that mean something to them, and that provides stability - especially for those who have just recently retired from service. They offer job training for Veterans who are passionate about pursuing a specific career but need to take special care toward developing the skills necessary to secure it. They offer legal counseling, behavioral health services, even free bus passes for those in the Rochester area.They are thorough and dedicated to providing comprehensive support to veterans.

As I said, I am a veteran myself, and I know how much it moves me to see the effort that others put into supporting us after we decided on our own to support our country. What moves me most, is that they make sure our families are safe, too. The Veterans Outreach Center has been vocal about protecting and providing for Veterans by providing for the ones they love, also. Each of their services, such as employment services, is extended to the Veteran and their immediate family. Family is something we all focus on during the holiday season. So when you look at your loved ones, I ask that you also see them through the eyes of organizations such as this - organizations that help families just like yours feel safe, secure, and stable as a Thank You to our servicemen and women at home.  

You can donate by clicking the link below:

Donate to The Veterans Outreach Center

Next week, we will discuss The Hillside Center, and the impact organizations like theirs have had on my family. 

Until next time…