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Give the Gift of Care - A Charitable Challenge - Part 2

Give the Gift of Care - A Charitable Challenge - Part 2

| December 08, 2021

Welcome back! As promised, I will be doing a deep dive into the organizations I listed last week - starting with Cobblestone Art Center. A friend of mine opened my eyes to this organization, and it’s safe to say, they are pretty unforgettable. 

For over 36 years, Cobblestone Art Center has been a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those with special needs gain a sense of self, independence, and creativity through art. It all started with Wheels In Motion, a Cobblestone wheelchair dance company in 1986. Special needs children, adults, and teenage wheelchair users were invited to take dance lessons and dance parties that incorporated wheelchairs as the focal point of movement. Cobblestone quickly understood the positive impact that the dance company had on those involved, from socialization to self-expression, and extended their arts program to include music, dance, visual arts, and theatre. 

I don’t need to tell you the impact that art and music have on all of us.I know we each have a favorite band out there or a favorite song. We all have a feel-good movie we’ve watched in the theatre (or more recently, on our couch), and a piece of art or two hanging in our living room. I guarantee that even Santa has a sound system in his sleigh. But the most important picture we will ever look at is likely the one our kids hand us when they get their first set of Crayola’s. Art, in all of its forms, carries the most meaning when it makes a difference. That’s what makes Cobblestone Art Center so special. 

The art that these men, women, and children create is a catalyst for happiness. They have brought joy to Adam, a young man with Cerebral Palsy, who tried several programs without success before settling on Cobblestone, where he interacts with others regularly, willingly, and enthusiastically. They have brought happy tears to a mother’s eyes while her daughter, Katie, is up on stage of the Cobblestone theater. And they have discovered a talent in Nicholas that was once tucked away. Today, he takes pride in his pitch, and signs to his family as often as possible. Clearly, it is their favorite song.

I cannot express enough the extent to which Cobblestone Arts Center encourages and empowers its members. All I can say is, seeing it’s impact has made a lasting impact on me. I've even included some pictures from one of their events, see if you can spot a familiar face! If you feel the same, please feel free to donate, and remember that I will be matching your donations up to $1,250. 

You can donate by clicking the link below, and make sure to enter my name in the “reason for donation” field so we can track the good we are doing.

Donate to Cobblestone Arts Center

Next week, we will be discussing another organization that hits close to home: the Veterans Outreach Center. I am signing off for now, but I will see you next week.