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Selling Your Practice

Are you a financial advisor who is getting ready to retire?

Are you an advisor looking to sell your business and do something different?

Are you worried about selling your practice because you feel obligated to continue caring for your clients?

Grover Financial Services works with advisors in the process of executing a succession plan so they can go enjoy the retirement or new venture they have planned so diligently for.

At Grover Financial Services, we are looking for practices in-line with our beliefs and strategies that need a buyer.

If you are looking to sell your business, here is what we offer:

  • We take care of you and your clients.
  • We work with advisors whose practices are large enough to have a history, but small enough to provide their clients with caring, individualized attention.
  • We look to acquire practices that do not want to sell to large, impersonal wealth management firms.
  • We give our clients undivided personal attention. We get to know your clients and you can trust that a client will never be a number to us.
  • We don’t put your clients in a box, each financial strategy is carefully planned and executed for that specific client. Our clients benefit from highly customized portfolios.

When it comes to financial practices, we aren’t your average bear. Our advisor,  Jason Grover, spent 8 years in the military but is also a local, possessing both worldly experience and hometown grit. He has enough life experience to be effective, with plenty of years ahead of him to make sure your clients are well-served for decades to come.  Jason works with people just like him, regular folks who may have thought a financial advisor wouldn’t look at them twice. He believes financial planning is important for everyone, not just the country club set, but those with blue collar backgrounds and generational roots in our community. Grover Financial Services has successfully completed the acquisition of other small firms, we believe this is because of our thoughtful transition process.

Transitioning Your Firm

Our transition process enables your clients to feel comfortable and seeks to avoid sudden and jarring changes. We liken the transition process to dating; first you date, then you get engaged, and then you get married.

While we are flexible, we have success following this process. We are your exit strategy.

  1. Together, you and Jason will create a partnership.
  2. Jason will then attend client meetings with you to foster a shared relationship with each of your clients.
  3. Upon completion of the first year of partnership, Jason begins to take the lead in client meetings and in the responsibility of working with your clients and managing their investments.
  4. Upon completion of the second year, you are free to exit the partnership gracefully knowing things are in good hands.

If we sound like a good fit for your practice and your clients, reach out to start the discussion with us today! Let’s work together to put both you and your clients first.